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Dog Breeding

  • Female DogHow Often Can You Breed a Female Dog?
      You may already know that female dogs are best bred once they have fully developed, but once they are in their prime years of […]
  • Age Female Dogs BreedAt What Age Can Female Dogs Breed?
    Just like humans, dogs also have a prime time dedicated for reproduction, therefore wondering at what age female dogs can breed is a very good […]
  • What is Dog Linebreeding?What is Dog Linebreeding?
    When it comes to breeding dogs, linebreeding is just one category to depict several types of crosses. Also referred to as inbreeding, the […]
  • Best Season to Breed DogsWhat’s the Best Season to Breed Dogs?
    In the wild, many animals give birth to their offspring in the spring when mating season starts and most females are in search of a mate. This […]
  • What Determines Litter Size in Dogs?What Determines Litter Size in Dogs?
    Many factors that determine litter size in dogs may not be under people’s control. For instance, litter size may be based on the number of […]

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