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Can You Give Shots to Pregnant Dogs?

Pregnant Dog

  If your dog is expecting pups, you may be wondering whether you can give shots to pregnant dogs. This is a good question, because many breeders may wish to vaccinate their dam while she is pregnant but feel a bit concerned about it. Since many breeders vaccinate their dogs themselves, it’s very important to … Read more

Understanding Phantom Pregnancy in Female Dogs

Understanding Phantom Pregnancy in Female Dogs

  False pregnancy, also known as phantom pregnancy in female dogs, or the more technical term pseudopregnancy, consists of a condition occurring in female dogs that show the symptoms of pregnancy but that are not at all pregnant. When your dog experiences this condition, you will therefore recognize some of the signs that usually occur in a pregnant dog. … Read more

A Guide to Pregnant Dog Discharge

Pregnant Dog Discharge

Similar to a human, especially a woman, pregnant dogs are often found experiencing discharge. Pregnant dogs may have discharge prior to giving birth, while giving birth or even after giving birth. Note that this natural phenomenon is not one fits for all as there are several individual variables as to why pregnant dogs have discharge. … Read more

Should I Іnduсе Dоg Lаbоr?

Dоg Lаbоr

Should I induce labor in my dog? А hеаlthу dоg usuаllу dеlіvеrs рuрріеs around 59 tо 63 dауs аftеr соnсерtіоn, but in some cases you may have to induce dog labor. While studіеs rеvеаl thаt in most cases, dоgs dеlіvеr thеіr рuрріеs wіthоut аssіstаnсе оr соmрlісаtіоns, dеsріtе these uneventful births, thе presence of the dоg … Read more

Should I Deworm My Pregnant Dog?

Deworm a Pregnant Dog

As a breeder you may wonder if deworming your pregnant dog is something that is really necessary. It could be you are trying to save money or you are concerned about giving medications to your dog while she is pregnant and wondering if they can harm her puppies. There are actually many good reasons why … Read more

How Long Do Dogs Stay Pregnant?

Dogs Pregnancy

  If you are wondering how long dogs stay pregnant, you may be eager to start counting down the days until puppies will be on their way. Knowing how long a dog’s gestation period is, is fundamental so that you can better understand how mother dog’s body works and when to start looking for signs … Read more

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