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Can a Dog’s Heat Cycle be Induced?

Can a Dog's Heat Cycle be Induced?

  Many dog owners may wonder whether estrus can be in some way induced in their female dog. Induction of estrus would be quite helpful so that breeding can be easily coordinated and planned, but Nature has its own agenda and at this time, there are no really effective or reliable approaches to induce estrus in … Read more

Understanding Phantom Pregnancy in Female Dogs

Understanding Phantom Pregnancy in Female Dogs

  False pregnancy, also known as phantom pregnancy in female dogs, or the more technical term pseudopregnancy, consists of a condition occurring in female dogs that show the symptoms of pregnancy but that are not at all pregnant. When your dog experiences this condition, you will therefore recognize some of the signs that usually occur in a pregnant dog. … Read more

At What Age Can Female Dogs Breed?

Age Female Dogs Breed

Just like humans, dogs also have a prime time dedicated for reproduction, therefore wondering at what age female dogs can breed is a very good question. Too many breeders start too early breeding their female dogs, and some breed them too late, when their dogs should instead retire and be spayed. Both of these practices … Read more

Understanding the Puppy Imprinting Process

Puppy Imprinting Process

  As a breeder, on top of raising a healthy batch of puppies, it is your job to ensure that your puppies are well socialized before going to their new homes, it’s therefore important getting acquainted with the puppy imprinting process. Among countless information that breeders need to know about their puppies, imprinting is one … Read more

How to Weigh a Newborn Puppy

Weigh a Newborn Puppy

  Just as in babies, it’s important to learn how to weigh a newborn puppy. Weighing newborn puppies can provide you with important insights into their overall health, well being and progress into their stages of development. If you love your puppies, and you want to make sure that they are at the top of … Read more

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