Whelping Puppies

Understanding the Puppy Imprinting Process

Puppy Imprinting Process

  As a breeder, on top of raising a healthy batch of puppies, it is your job to ensure that your puppies are well socialized before going to their new homes, it’s therefore important getting acquainted with the puppy imprinting process. Among countless information that breeders need to know about their puppies, imprinting is one … Read more

Is Bathing a Newborn Puppy A Problem?

Is Bathing a Newborn Puppy A Problem?

  Nobody can forbid you from loving and taking care of your newborn puppy, but you should also be aware of several things that should and should not be done and bathing a newborn puppy is one of the things that needs the utmost caution. While your newborn puppy is probably the cutest thing you have … Read more

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